Tracy Frey

Tracy Frey is an Illustrator and a sculptor. Tracy graduated Magna Cum Laude form the Columbus College of Art and Design, in May of 2017.

While in school Tracy work on the dueling Dragons Putt-Putt Golf Coarse Displayed in Kinny hall in the spring of 2016. They where a designer on the lay out team for Botticelli Literary magazine in fall 2016, a few of their works where also published in this same issue of the magazine. Tracy was animators on the CCAD illustration produced animated short ‘Eureka!’ in spring of 2016.

Since Graduation Tracy has been working on building their portfolio. They have had pieces selected to be publish in the up coming edition of Botticelli Magazines

Tracy has two brands, TFreyArt and DrawDontTracy. TFreyArt features more realism oriented concept art, sculptures, and 3d models, while DrawDontTracy features more colorful and illustrative works. both can be found on Instagram by searching for the #TFreyArt or #DrawDontTracy Respectively. They also have portfolios on Artstation, Behance, and Sketchfab.

In Their free time Tracy enjoys Dungeons and Dragons, video games, camping, LARP, and listening to Podcasts.